We are sorry to announce that Urban Zombie hunt and Redheads paintball will not be in operation 2019 and might possibly be shut down permanently.  Here is the reason for this action:

Redheads is located in St. Albans twp, and the zoning inspector is Tom Fredrick.  When we opened Tom Fredrick enforced zoning on us that had been deleted and was not enforceable.  He even admitted this to us.  Now Tom Fredrick is also the zoning inspector for Harrison Twp which is adjacent to St. Albans twp.  Ray Foor is a trustee for Harrison twp and lives near Redheads Paintball.  Ray Foor used his power as a Trustee to control the zoning over an adjacent township, because Tom Fredrick reported to both townships.  Ray Foor also made false statements and allegations against Redheads Paintball and forcing Tom Fredrick to take action against Redheads with out justification or cause.  This battle has been going on for 5 years, and Ray Foor and Tom Fredrick have finally beat us down so that we can no longer operate a business in that location.  This was an abuse of power and an injustice to a small business, because of Ray Foor didn’t want to look at our ugly field from his house.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what he saw as an ugly field, players saw as an exciting field of play.  

So unfortunately we can no longer afford the lawyers and expenses caused by Ray Foor and Tom Fredrick and we must shut down until we can figure out another situation if we can. 

Thank you for all the people that came out and enjoyed our paintball field and zombie hunt.  We had a great run.

Thank you,

Redheads Paintball

The owner of Urban Zombie Hunt has taken his zombie show to Wilmington NC with a new adventure.  The Zombie Escape room.


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